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Origin: Japan

Voice Provider: Hikachi Yuu(日勝ゆう), Raichi Yuu(雷地ゆう)

Release Date: November 17, 2008

Illustrator: Mugimeshi, Mill

Homepage: Official Website


Name: Yokune Ruko (欲音ルコ)

Gender: Hermaphrodite (10% female, 90% male)

Height: 197cm (6ft 5in)

Age: 12

Likes: Drinking coffee, her coffee brewing machine, sleeping

Dislikes: Being awakened without a good reason.


"Ruko is classified as a dere-dere, or a romantic person. She is also drowsy a lot of the time. Ruko also has a closet gambling habit. She likes being petted, and reacts like a cat. However, getting on her bad side earns you frequent invectives from her."

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Voicebank InformationEdit

Supported Languages:


Encoding: Hiragana

Voicebank Types: VCV, CV

Download Page: Voicebank Download Page

Usage ClauseEdit

Yokune Ruko has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character.

Original Japanese

Unofficial translation

Other NamesEdit

Ruko Yokune (Western Order)

요쿠네 루코 (Korean)